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Finally a screen door that withstands kids and pets and harsh weather!
Quality we stand behind with our lifetime warranty

I Finally a screen door that withstands kids and pets and harsh weather!

Homeowners have told us that they need beautiful, durable, high quality screen doors that withstand kids and pets. When you are looking for a door for pets, you will find several screen door options from PCA Products. With over 70 styles and 6 colors to choose from, possibilities are endless. Learn more about how a pet door can help you by reading this blog post.

IScreen Will Not Blow Out!

From a swing door screen to a French door screen to a patio door screen, you can rest assured that your screen will not blow out. Our screens have been tested over and over again to ensure that you do not need a door screen replacement when you buy a PCA screen door. Check out this video showing over 550 pounds of pressure being applied.

Weather Problems Prevented

I Weather Problems Prevented

And, no matter where you live, your PCA aluminum screen door can withstand the weather. If you have a Samson patio door screen, or a swing style door screen, rest assured that harsh snow and wind, and even hurricanes have been taken into consideration. With powder coated finishes, piano hinges, and security door options, we have you covered to ensure this is truly the last screen you'll have to buy.

Our warranty is in place to back it all up. Even though it is one of the best in the industry, we will also extend your warranty when you register your screen door purchase with us!

Our screen door suppliers will help you make a selection if you need design assistance and they will help you find a screen door price that matches your budget. If you're ready, click here to find a dealer near you.

I PCA screen door features that homeowners appreciate most

  • 1
    The screen is built to withstand up to 550 lbs of pressure so holds up with heavy traffic and use by busy families with kids and pets.
  • 2
    Strong enough to withstand harsh weather and in most instances can be left up year round
  • 3
    PCA custom aluminum screen doors will not sag, warp or splinter
  • 4
    They can buy it and install it today if they need to
  • 5
    Virtually maintenance free due to the hand applied powder coating
  • 6
    Color matched hardware and everything needed to install it comes included
  • 7
    Closes and seals tight and features a wool pile bug sweep to keep bugs out
  • 8
    PCA screen door price that matches the value
  • 9
    Comes with a Lifetime Warranty
“I finally found a screen that won't blow out! It's the sturdiest screen door I've ever found.”
M. H., Homeowner , .
“My son has just completed a large screen porch and deck and agrees that a PCA aluminum door is far superior to the all too flimsy wood and vinyl doors normally available for porches.”
Dick S, Homeowner , .
“Our door is beautiful, sturdy, and very well built. Yeah, USA!”
Carol M , .
How to order PCA Custom Screen Doors
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I How to order PCA Custom Screen Doors

A PCA Preferred Professional can guide you through the many screen door sizes, shapes, color and accessories to find exactly what is right for your unique home.

Together with your professional, we will provide the most accurate pricing and the highest quality screen door manufactured to your exact and unique specifications and measurements.

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