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I Aluminum Screen Doors That Will Not Rust Or Deteriorate

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Aluminum Screen Doors That Will Not Rust Or DeteriorateIf you live on the coast, or somewhere that has harsh winters, then you have to question if your screen door will hold up to those difficult environments.

Steel doors that are wet painted are not a good mix for the coast. Steel will rust, and if it is wet painted, that is not enough protection. Wet painted doors will hold up to continual salt spray from coastal living for only about 800 to 850 hours. However powder coated doors can withstand 2,000 hours of continual salt spray – more than twice as long.

Many screen doors will not get through even one tough winter. Rust is just as much of a problem in cold, snowy climates as it is on the coast, and vinyl or wood doors will warp, twist and crack. A durable screen door made of heavy duty aluminum, on the other hand, can stand up to even the most bitter winter weather, year after year.

It’s important to think of the handle and screen door hardware, too. It needs to be rust free, as well.

Say Goodbye to Rusty, Cracked or Warped Screen Doors

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