The Last Screen Door You Will Ever Buy

I Why PCA Aluminum Screen Doors

Install it today in under an hour

I The Last Screen Door You'll Buy

PCA Products is proud to manufacture all our decorative aluminum screen doors in the USA using materials that withstand the harshest environments. Our limited lifetime warranty backs up that claim. Here you will see all the features that make PCA screen doors stand out from the crowd.

We encourage you to learn about the different screen door options available to you. Talk with an expert in your area and read what other people have been saying about PCA screen doors.

IScreen Won't Blow Out!

Can your screen door hold over 550 pounds? The PCA Aluminum Screen Door can! Our heavy aluminum framecorner keys and self locking screen system combine to make the most durable screen door on the market.

IHeavy Aluminum Frame!

PCA Products, Handcrafted Aluminum Screen Doors. Are they really that tough? Let's see how many people can hang on one!

Professionals - Are you tired of call-backs and complaints from the current screen door you offer? Maximize customer satisfaction and minimize inventory with PCA Products screen doors that hang left or right and swing in or out, the all in one screen door system.

Homeowners - Are you tired of your screen door sagging, warping, and splitting at the edges? Does the screen stay tight when children, pets, and high traffic press against it?

Our Aluminum Screen Door frame withstands over 740lbs!

Heavy Duty Aluminum Screen Doors
Everything you need to know about why to buy PCA...

I Heavy Duty Aluminum Screen Doors

1. PCA Screens Will Never Blow Out and Frames Will Never Warp, Twist or Rot

PCA developed an exclusive self-locking screen system, so our screens withstand over 500lbs of pressure and the heavy aluminum frames withstand 740lbs of pressure. You can be confident that all our components are the best quality. One example is our heavy duty aluminum piano hinge that runs the full length of the door, ensuring years of trouble free use.

Professionals enjoy freedom from call-backs because the quality and durability of PCA screen doors are unmatched. The result of our commitment to the highest quality is that contractors and dealers trust us and homeowners love us.

2. Maintenance Free

The thing that our homeowner customers love the most is that they never have to replace a screen door again. And, PCA custom, aluminum, adjustable height screen doors are low maintenance.

3. Four Doors In One

PCA custom aluminum screen doors adjust up to 1" width and feature adjustable height up to 1" and they hang left or right and swing in or out, it is and all-in-one screen door system.

4. Comes With Everything You Need to Install it Today in Under 1 Hour

What does the PCA Advantage mean to you...

I What does the PCA Advantage mean to you...

We are not just another Screen Door Company. Take a look at the PCA Advantage!

PCA takes great pride in our hand crafted custom screen doors built with the highest quality materials and the latest technology. We build our screen doors to last, with the strength and durability needed to stand up to even the highest traffic business or home application. PCA Aluminum screen doors are fully adjustable to fit even out of square openings. Adjustable in height and width they can also be hung left or right and with an in swing or out swing opening.

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PCA's Exclusive Thru-Lock System™

I PCA's Exclusive Thru-Lock System™

The Thru-Lock System™ - Clean Appearance and Exceptionally Strong!

At PCA we found that excessive welding can be unsightly and can crack over time. With strength and durability in mind PCA delivers our exclusive Thru-Lock system in our 3/4“ line of products it is exceptionally strong and has a clean appearance. Our exclusive Thru-Lock™ system addresses many structural and aesthetic issues that directly effect the integrity of cross member components that you see in many of the screen doors available on the market today.

  • No More ….
  • Unsightly cross member welds that crack or break over time
  • Riveted cross members that come loose and do not hold the door integrity tight
  • Notched out cross members are not as strong do not maintain a cohesive structure

All of the above issues have been address and solved with our exclusive Thru-Lock™ system. We strive to provide our customers with the best quality doors that you can “stand on” and that we stand behind with a lifetime warranty.

PCA's Superior Craftsmanship Compared to Wood and Vinyl Screen Door Options

I PCA's Superior Craftsmanship Compared to Wood and Vinyl Screen Door Options


Many people purchase wood screen doors for the natural look and feel but there are drawbacks to be aware of. Wood rots if not properly maintained, which requires upkeep on a regular basis. PCA screen doors are virtually maintenance free for a lifetime. Wood will also twist resulting in gaps which is an invitation to insects. Screens in wood screen doors are stapled in and held in place with wood trim so they do not stay tight are hard to repair. PCA screen doors feature our exclusive self-locking screens which withstand up to 550 lbs of pressure and will not blow out. Choosing wood may be an aesthetic choice but will come with the cost of ongoing maintenance.


Vinyl screen doors are another option. They are more popular than wood doors because they don't require painting or staining. Some people believe they are more durable but that isn't necessarily the case. Common issues with vinyl are that they flex and warp over time. Most are installed with inferior hinges which don't hold the door in place, causing sagging over time. Dialy use will take a toll on any screen door and becuase vinyl flexes, the structural integrity of the frame can give way quickly. Although screens are typically easier to repair over a wood door, it uses a round spline which "rolls" out with minimal effort requring yet another costly repair. Color options with vinyl doors are also limited since more vinyl screen doors are only available in white. PCA screen doors come in 5 powder coated finishes and frames are built to withstand up to 770 lbs. of pressure.