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I What is the best Roller for your Sliding Patio Screen Door?

Designed to Outlast & Outperform

Designed to Outlast & Outperform

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I What Impacts The performance of Your Sliding Screen Door?

Weather, track material, and roller selection impact how easily your slider rolls.

This article is intended to help homeowners understand the various options to consider and obstacles to avoid when purchasing your sliding screen door.

I 4 Roller Options to Ensure Easy Operation of Your Sliding Screen Door

Rollers are critical to how well a slider performs, the larger the roller, the better it glides.

Every Samson roller is over-sized at 1-1/4" in diameter. These extra large rollers combined with sealed ball bearings and a sturdy swing arm provide a smooth, gliding operation.

Samson offers four roller types for your Sliding Patio Screen Door.

Three rollers are built for standard tracks, one specifically for wider hurricane style tracks.

Steel Roller, Steel Frame (STL) - For inland areas where salt air is not a concern. (standard track).

Steelroller sm

Stainless Roller, Stainless Frame (SS) - Built for harsh coastal applications. The most durable Samson roller option available. (standard track)

Stainlessroller sm

Nylon Roller, Stainless Frame (NSS) - Blending the strength of stainless steel and the quiet of nylon rollers. This combination can be used for inland or coastal applications. (standard track)

Stainlessnylonroller sm

Wide Stainless Roller, Stainless Frame (SSW) - The same durability of our stainless roller but built for wider tracks common in hurricane prone coastal areas. (wide track)

Stainlesswideroller sm

I Do I Have A Standard Track or Hurricane Track - Why Does It Matter?

When we designed the Samson Sliding Screen Door many of our clients' homes were in coastal communities susceptible to harsh weather conditions like hurricanes. In those areas, the tracks for sliding screen doors can be wider so a standard size roller will not fit the track. This is why we created the "Stainless Wide Roller" (SSW).

If your slider track is wider than 3 dimes, the Stainless Wide Roller is the perfect option for you.

The first image shows a track wider than three dimes which will not fit a standard width roller.

The second image demonstrates how a standard roller will not fit on a hurricane track, requiring the Wide Roller to ensure smooth operation.

Samson threedimes 2
A Wide Roller Is Required If Track Is Wider Than 3 Dimes
Samson Wide Roller2

When you purchase a Samson Sliding Screen Door, you are purchasing the finest sliding patio screen door on the market. Make sure you get the right roller for your door and experience the smoothest roll and best possible performance.