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I Enjoy Installing an Adjustable Aluminum Screen Door

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If you are a contractor, then you know how rare it is to work with a perfectly square opening! When installing an aluminum screen door, you want a perfect reveal around the door – but how do you accomplish that?

You want to use a screen door that slips into an adjustable side expander attached to a continuous piano hinge. Once the door frame is inside the u channel, an installer has ½” of play to adjust the door horizontally. For example, the width of a door that fits a 36” x 80” opening can go down to 35 ½” or out to 36 ½”.

But what about vertical adjustment? You could use a door with an adjustable bug sweep that can come up ¼” or down ¾”. So, for example a door fitting into an opening of 80” could adjust up to 79 ¾” or down to 80 ¾”.

Offer Your Customers Adjustable Aluminum Screen Doors

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