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I Information about screen doors and frequently asked questions

Listed here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear. If you don’t happen to see your question here email us and we'll answer any questions you have.


In this "How To Buy" section of our website you will see the 4 steps you'll want to take to efficiently measure for, select, and order your PCA screen door.

  1. Can I order a custom size screen door
  2. Does PCA have Revit models for Architects?
  3. How much energy can I save with a screen door?
  4. Can my new screen door have a pet door?
  5. Do you offer a French door that opens fully?
  6. Do I need a storm door?
  7. Can damaged screen be replaced?
  8. What is powder coat and why is it better than paint?
  9. What Powder Coated colors does PCA offer?
  10. How should I care for my PCA screen door?
  11. How tough is PCA’s screen system?
  12. What type of screen mesh is standard in PCA aluminum screen doors?
  13. What You Should Expect From a PCA Screen Door

I Can I order a custom size screen door

Yes. All PCA screen doors can be ordered in a custom size. We build your door to fit your exact opening, but be sure to refer to our door sizing chart for minimums and maximums based on your model of choice. Also, there is no need to build your opening larger to fit your door as with most other door manufacturers. Your order size = your rough opening size. Our door slab combined with our adjustable installation package (adjustable side expander and bug sweep) will accommodate your opening and provide a range of adjustment. See the chart below for more info. For help measuring use these how to measure instructions. For additional help hanging your new door, check out our EZ hang instructions.

Sizing Chart
See your opening size and range of adjustment

I Does PCA have Revit models for Architects?

Yes! You can find our BIM/Revit Library by Clicking Here. If you don't find what you need, reach out and we will help ensure your client is happy. Currently our most popular doors are readily available in the BIM library for you to drag-and-drop into your Rivet plans.

I How much energy can I save with a screen door?

By adding screen doors to your home and setting up fans, you can quadruple your in-home airflow, allowing you to limit air conditioner use on the very hottest days and creating energy cost savings. Opening your main door and utilizing your screen door will allow more light and air flow into your home. And with locking options, you don't have to worry about someone walking in off the street.

When your air conditioner is running all day, every day, all summer long, you’re merely “renting” your comfort, rather than investing in it. Purchasing a high quality screen door may very well cost more than your average monthly electric bill, but it holds the promise of reducing your ongoing monthly spend for cool air in your home, and will pay for itself in just a few months. When you need to cut your electric bill, the cost savings can be significant, particularly when you consider that a PCA screen door can last for 10 years or more.


I Can my new screen door have a pet door?

Yes! Your pets can enjoy your PCA screen door as much as you will! Pet doors in screen doors are a great option to opening and closing the door frequently. With multiple sizes and locking options available, be sure you know how you want to use the pet screen door and be sure to follow our guidelines on how to measure your pet for a good fit.

PCA pet doors (or "doggie doors") are available in three sizes. Add a small pet door to any door style. Medium and large pet doors are available with specific door products. Find the perfect size pet door for your cat, miniature dog or larger breed dogs by browsing our Pet Door options.

I Do you offer a French door that opens fully?

Yes, we have the ideal solution for French door applications. When you want the ease and beauty of a fully open French screen door area, consider using the PCA Astragal kit. You will be able to easily open both screen doors for an unobstructed entryway.

With no center post, you can easily move furniture, bulky items or simply have a larger entrance for accessing outdoor patios for entertaining.

All rust free materials give you peace of mind that your door will have years of trouble free use. Visit our French Door page to browse decorative options or learn more about the features of the PCA French Door Astragal Kit.

I Do I need a storm door?

Chances are, you really don’t need a storm door.

We’ve learned from customers that the main reason they search for a storm door is durability and not for the glass. PCA has the aluminum screen door that’s built like a storm door. In many cases, a screen door will actually better help protect your main door than a storm door, as it allows air flow so heat is not trapped. While allowing air flow, the screen door will also block unwanted critters and debris from entering your home when you greet visitors without opening the screen door.

For many customers living in moderate to milder climates, a well-crafted beautiful screen door exceeds their initial expectations of a storm door. Powder coated finish, heavy aluminum frame, full length piano hinge and limited lifetime warranty combine to make up the last screen door you’ll buy.

Browse our Screen Door Collections page to pick out the best design option from PCA Products.

I Can damaged screen be replaced?

Absolutely! Just because our Self-locking screen system holds up to 550 pounds doesn’t mean it can’t easily be replaced.

PCA Products uses Phifer brand screen in our screen doors. Phifer screen is sold at Home Depot and other home retailers. The 18/14 mesh screen comes standard in all PCA screen doors. For tips and information about installing or repairing screens visit https://www.phifer.com/screening/diy/

To learn more about Phifer brand screen mesh options visit these links:

18 x 14: https://www.phifer.com/product/fiberglass-18-14/

20 x 20: https://www.phifer.com/product/no-see-ums-20-20/

Super: https://www.phifer.com/product/tuffscreen/

Pet: https://www.phifer.com/product/petscreen/

If you need to replace the screen you can go to Home Stores like Home Depot or Lowe's, or you can go to US Building Products to order screens (and other PCA door parts) online.

Our self-help video can show you how to do it yourself, or use our Dealer Locator to find a PCA Partner near you to help. We also offer an EZ roller tool that makes rolling any screen easier. It's a utility knife and screen roller tool in one. See more about the EZ Roller here.

I What is powder coat and why is it better than paint?

All PCA screen doors are powder coated after assembly for a beautiful and durable finish. Powder coating provides a long-lasting finish that will stand up to harsh salt air and extreme sun exposure for years. PCA’s powder coated finish is documented to exceed 4,000 hours of salt spray testing under AAMA 2605-11. Most wet based painted finishes breakdown after only 600 hours.

Elegant, High Quality Finish

Powder coat provides a much smoother and more even finish than is possible with paint.

Durable for Everyday Use

Powder coat sticks to an aluminum screen door frame much better than paint possibly can, helping to make it extraordinarily resistant to chipping.

Rust-free Protection

Powder coat can be put on 4 to 10 times thicker than paint; this extra thickness helps protect the metal underneath from corrosion.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Powder coating ensures that you have the most durable finish because natural wood and vinyl can’t be powder coated. Aluminum is ideally suited to the process and this means that a powder coated aluminum screen door is the strongest and most long-lasting screen door available.

I What Powder Coated colors does PCA offer?

All PCA screen doors are available in 6 Powder Coated colors, with color matched hardware (white, ivory, sandstone, clay, bronze and black.) Every PCA screen door is individually powder-coated by hand after assembly. This method ensures a beautiful, long lasting durable finish.

Powder coat is up to 10 times thicker than paint and so it helps the metal underneath to withstand weather. Vinyl and wood screen doors can't be powder coated, making aluminum the best choice for a long-lasting and beautiful screen door.

I How should I care for my PCA screen door?

A few simple steps will lead to a very long life for your PCA screen door.


  • DO NOT USE lacquer thinner, paint thinner, acetone, kerosene, gasoline, or any other harsh chemicals to clean the surface of your PCA screen door or hardware.


  • Wipe the door and screen with a mild detergent soap, rinse, and wipe dry.
  • Never use harsh chemicals to clean your door.


  • Keep your door swinging smoothly by applying WD-40 or a 3-in-1 oil to the knuckle of the hinge occasionally after cleaning. Wipe off excess lubricant.


Door closers can be easily adjusted for proper closing.

  • Turn the screw at the end of the piston assembly clockwise to increase pressure which slows the closer, or counter clockwise to decrease the pressure which speeds up the closer.
  • To recalibrate the closer, close the door and, with the door closed, turn the screw counter clockwise until the screw is nearly out. Then open the door all the way and while the door is open turn the screw clockwise until it stops. Slowly back the screw out until a desired speed of closure is achieved. This process may take a few attempts; the closers can be sensitive and may require very slight turns and adjustments to reach your desired setting.


  • Keep weather-stripping clean of dirt for proper seal. Wash with a mile detergent, rinse, and wipe dry.
  • For added protection, apply a light coat of wax such as Lemon Pledge(r) and wipe off excess.



  • Lubricate with a small amount of silicone spray or multi-purpose lubricant if your slide bolts do not engage smoothly. Operate slide bolts monthly to ensure proper functioning.


  • Clean the powder coated surface with a mild detergent soap, rinse, and wipe dry. Use a mild liquid cleanser such as Soft Scrub(r) by Clorox(r), rinse and wipe dry. If there is a chip or scratch present after the surface is clean and dry, apply touch-up paint.


  • PCA Products uses Phifer screens in all our screen doors. Phifer screen can be found at Home Depot, Lowe's and other home stores. To get a complete listing of dealers who carry Phifer screen, go to Phifer.com. OR, you can also order a re-screen kit online at US Building Products.
  • To roll a new screen yourself watch this video on how to install the new screen. We also have instructions for installing a new screen here.
  • For the best result, you may also want to purchase an EZ Roller. It is a screen roller and utility knife in one and comes with 3 different wheel profiles so you can roll screens of any size for windows or doors. Order the EZ Roller today by contacting your local wholesale supplier, lumber yard or specialty retail center or by visiting our online retailers.

US Building Products
Home Depot

I How tough is PCA’s screen system?

PCA’s self-locking spline system is the best on the market. It actually gets tighter the more pressure you put on it. The screen stays secure against wind and everyday use. It is especially great for active families with kids and pets. The PCA screen system ensures that your screen stays tight and will never blowout!

Our heavy-duty, standard 18/14 pool and patio mesh was designed to last for years in harsh coastal climates such as South Florida.

For added durability we also offer SuperScreen material which is tested to hold over 500 pounds of pressure! For other screen mesh options check out this page.

I What type of screen mesh is standard in PCA aluminum screen doors?

PCA aluminum screen doors are pre-screened with 18/14 fiberglass screen mesh from Phifer Screen located here in the USA. This is a premium screen mesh designed specifically for coastal environments with direct sunlight. In many cases it will last close to 10 years in such harsh conditions which is far superior to the “standard” Chinese 18/16 window screen mesh found in many of our competitors products.

We offer several other screen mesh types depending on your application. We offer three additional mesh screen upgrade options. Along with the 18/14 standard mesh, we offer "heavy-duty" screen mesh, 20/20 No-see-um screen mesh, and pet screen mesh. To see these options, check out our Screen Types page, and learn more about customizing your screen door with these optional screen mesh materials.

I What You Should Expect From a PCA Screen Door

No More Bugs!

  • PCA’s screen system stays connected to the door frame, keeping your home insect-free with plenty of fresh air!
  • Our wool pile lined Z-bar and adjustable bug sweep provide extra barriers all the way around the door to keep insects from sneaking into your home.

Holds up to Everyday Use!

  • Heavy aluminum mainframe, internal corner keys, full length piano hinge and powder coated finish make your PCA Screen Door strong enough for years of trouble free use

No Screen Blow Out!

  • PCA’s self-locking spline keeps the screen secure against wind and everyday use. Your screen stays tight and will not blow out.

4 Doors in One!

  • Doors are available as in-swing for over a porch or other entry stairs and they can be hung left or right.

See the many benefits that a PCA screen door delivers here.