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Retractable Screens are NOT the Only Option for French Screen Doors

Many homeowners, and even contractors, think that the only option they have for a screen for their french door is a sliding or retractable, plastic screen door. Some screen door manufacturers may even claim that is the only possibilty. However, retro fitting your french screen doors with plastic hardware and magnets may not be all that appealing for the exterior of your home or enclosed screen room.

Plus, installing a retro-fitted screen door for a french door might also be your contractor's worse nightmare. Here's why.

What you should expect from your french door screen system:

Easy to install: most screen door manufacturers use plastic side bolts that are hard to operate, stick, and break easily. Installing one of these types of screen doors on a french door is difficult because there is no flexibility with delicate parts.

Easy to use: Should you ever want to remove the screen door to move furniture, you are likely to break those parts (if you can even get them to work). Spring cleaning all that pollen is work enough, getting it out the door shouldn't be.

Durability! Plastic/magnetic versus aluminum screen door parts. Need we say more?

Astetics: How the screen doors looks on your french door is a major consideration for most homeowners. After all, isn't a better view one of the main reasons to have an exterior french door on your home or screened enclosure? Choice of screen door colors, handle, even that pole in the middle all detract, or add, to your home's curb appeal.

Aluminum french screen door resized 600

If you are a homeowner, your french door deserves the options in a screen door that add to it's value, not take away from it. Not sure which options to choose, or what they will look like with the style of your home? Check out our virtual Build Your Own Screen Door Enclosure tool now and test out the french screen door design and style and compliments your home.

If you are a contractor or arcitect who has had to jerry-rig or retro fit a screen door to suit the needs of a french door, you know the frustration of trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole or not being able to customize the specs of the screen door to fit the opening. Learn more about becoming a PCA Preferred Screen Door Partner and never again curse a plastic screen door part that just ruined your day.