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I Why a Pet Safe Screen Door is a Win-Win-Win

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Demand is high for pet-proof & pet-safe screen doors.

People love their pets as part of the family. Yet even the most loved pet gets grumbled at the 20th time they want to go out in an hour. And even the most patient pet can get impatient waiting to be let out.

People also spend lots of money on their pets. Whether it is for pet safe products for Sparky, or pet proof products for their home. If you don't believe me then please explain how the pet products industry produces over 56 BILLION dollars in revenue. Or why Google charges over 5-10$ a just to have your ad show for "pet safe" or "pet doors".

Pet safe door products resized 600(hint: They charge it because they can. The demand is there. Chart date 2/8/12.)

pampered pet safe products resized 600True, not everyone is like the banker that paid over $800 for an ac powered pet door because his dog would not use its head to open the door. But even that is a true story.

But people see their pets as family. And I tend to agree, even if they do drive us crazy.

What to look for in a pet friendly screen door:

  • Magnets on the door and frame which keeps the door in the closed position, making it more pet safe. Most pet screen doors have a flexible flap material that can tear or curl over time and some pets can get caught up in them.
  • Locking mechanisms that do not require a separate panel you have to store. They can tend to get lost or warped and are usually not pet proof.
  • Pet gates or doors that are built into the screen door frame itself. Durable construction within the door itself will ensure that the pet door lasts as long as the door itself.
  • Pet gate size options for the screen door. One size pet door does not fit all. Just ask a mastif.

So what is the win, win, win?

Win #1: Pet Proof and Pet Safe Screen Doors for Homeowners

As a pet owner myself, I know how annoying it can be to let out a barking dog every 20 minutes in the middle of a relaxing Sunday afternoon BBQ. I have also seen the damage an impatient pet can do to a screen door to get either in or out.

Win #2: Easy Screen Door Inventory Management for Suppliers

If you supply a pet screen door that has the locking mechanisms built in, and the pet gate itself is built into the door that is shipped, there are no extra sku numbers to match and manage.

By letting your contractors know that the demand exists in their client base, you become a trusted resource to them, helping them to look in new places for customers and move more product. At a higher margin.

Win #3: Simple Pet Screen Door Installation for Contractors

If you use the guidelines above, your pet screen door installation process is the same as a door without a pet door. You can recommend a product that fits the homeowner's lifestyle and become a valued resource that they turn to again and again for their construction needs.

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