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I The Freedom and Convenience of a Pet Friendly Screen Door

There is no escaping the inconvenience of having just gotten settled on the couch for a nap when the dog needs to be let out. A pet door is a great option and an option that is available for screen doors.

There are many types of pet screen doors available on the market, but it's important to be sure you get the right one for your needs. Many are available for self installation, but why not order your screen door with the pet door already installed? At PCA Products you can order almost any of our screen doors with pet doors installed in them.

I Choosing the Right Pet Screen Door

First you will want to make sure you order the correct size pet door. Start with the size of your pet. Measure the widest part of their body – usually across the shoulders – and their height from shoulder down to foot. This will give you the basis for the size of the door you need.

Measure Dog Height
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Next, add 1 - 2 inches to the measurements and you have the size door opening you need.

Once you have this measurement, go shopping! You'll find a great selection of doors that can be ordered with a pet door from PCA Products.

Knowing what size pet door you need will help ensure your selection is perfect. PCA Pet Doors are not only durable and lockable, they come in 3 sizes for small, medium and large pets and 2 color options: bronze and white.

Small, Medium and Large available
Magnets ensure that the flap stays secure once the pet has gone through.

I Heavy Duty, Durable Pet Doors

Some pet doors offer a rubber flap that tends to wear out over time. A better option is a pet door with a rigid pet screen door material which will hold up to the constant abuse your pet can throw at it. PCA Product's pet doors are made of high impact polystyrene. The heavy duty polystyrene resists chewing, and is tough yet forgiving for hard headed dogs.

A proper seal is also very important to prevent entry by unwanted critters. Look for a pet door with a positive seal or stop. Magnets incorporated into the flap work well in helping to keep the door in the closed position when not in use.

I See Which Pet Doors Work in PCA Screen Doors

Almost any PCA Products screen doors can accommodate a pet door. When browsing our catalog, click on the door you want to see and the pet door option will be shown. It will show with which size pet door the screen door can be ordered. The size of the kick plate gets adjusted to accommodate the medium and large pet doors.

Pet Door Specification
Most PCA Screen doors allow the option of a pet door.
FB Image 4 lg door

I Secure Pet Doors

A big concern for most homeowners when it comes to pet doors is the question of security. Especially if you have a large dog. A person could potentially fit through this opening. There are many pet doors on the market that do not secure your home from an intruder, and there are some that do.

This is one reason why a pet screen door is a better option than a pet door installed in a standard entry door. A standard entry door will block an intruder when it is closed, however if the pet door does not lock securely, it is a potential entry point. When you still want that fresh air with the comfort of knowing your home is secure, you want to have a screen door that locks with a pet door that also locks securely.

FB Image 2
Note the size of the kickplate adjusted to allow for the addition of a pet door.

On the occasion you want to lock your pet door, it can be an inconvenience if it requires a separate panel to be slid into place to lock it. You have to find a place to store the panel when not being used to lock the door. Look for a pet door that offers thumb or twist locks which are a permanent fixture on the door for quick easy use.

PCA Products offers both locking screen doors and locking pet doors.

The pet screen doors from PCA Products boast three security features:

  • The magnet: There is a magnet that holds the door in place, so you don't have to worry about the wind swinging it open and allowing debris to float inside
  • The lock: There is a screw-type locking knob that prevents entry or exit
  • The solid design: There are no sliding or removable panels or covers to misplace or damage

Stay happy, secure, and give your pet freedom with a pet friendly screen door from PCA Products.