Remarkable Screen Door Characteristics That Make Us Standout From Our Competitors

I PCA's French door astragal kit – wide openings with no obstructions

I All PCA doors are able to be made into french doors and feature french door astragal hardware

PCA's french door kit is the best solution for double screen door applications

PCA’s exclusive french door Astragal kit allows you to open both doors leaving no obstructions in the opening. And with no center post, you can easily move furniture in and out and have a larger entrance for accessing outdoor patios for entertaining.

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Fix or unlock your french screen doors with convenience and ease

Flush Bolts located at the top and bottom of the Astragal are easy to operate and provide a quick and effective way to open and close your “fixed” screen door.


The French Door Astragal kit is made of all rust-free components. They are not only maintenance free they will last as long as the door itself. See our lifetime warranty for details.

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