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I A Better Way to Roll a Screen: PCA EZ Roller

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If you use a utility knife roller for your screen door installations, there is a better way -- The PCA EZ Roller. It's an ergonomically improved screen roller tool and a utility knife all in one tool! A small adjustment to the shape of the tool makes a huge difference in its performance but also in your comfort and safety.

I INVENTED TO PREVENT CARPEL TUNNEL Remembering Howard Dehner, inventor of the EZ Roller

The inventor of the PCA EZ Roller, Howard Dehner, was a screen room contractor who developed carpel tunnel after rolling screens for years using the standard utility knife with the roller affixed to the bottom. When he realized that his condition came about from using tools that were not ergonomically friendly, he set out to correct the situation.

After many trial runs and discussions with manufacturers, PCA Products and Dehner met and decided that they wanted to work together to make this a reality.

Dehner left this world in 2009, leaving behind a legacy not only with his family, but in this industry as well.

Pca Ez Roller Vs Straight Roller 1A

I Introducing the EZ Roller – A safer way to roll a screen

Note the two different utility knives. When holding it for rolling screens, The EZ Roller, left, allows the hand and wrist to remain in a natural position. The utility knife on the right forces the hand to cock back toward the forearm. This puts enormous strain on the tendons which can ultimately cause permanent damage. The EZ Roller allows you to maintain control of the roller, while protecting you from uncomfortable and harmful positions.

Roll Screen

I Great for Windows and Patio Screen Doors, too

Finding the right tool to accommodate the wide variety of shapes and sizes of window and patio door screen splines can be a frustrating process. Do you have a round spline? A square spline? A triangular or U shaped spline? There are so many more. And then you have different diameter sizes depending on the screen frame size or manufacturer. The PCA EZ Roller provides the solution by including 3 different roller wheels to accommodate any size spline or shape on the market.

Ez Roller Wheels Fpo
Three Wheels to Fit Any Spline
Pca Ezroller Backercard V3A Image1
To fit all splines

I See the EZ Roller in Action for Yourself

I So Much More Than Just A Roller

We all still need a utility knife, and the PCA EZ Roller does not disappoint. You get both in one tool, making it easy and efficient to switch between the two as needed. With the EZ Roller you get all this:

  • Roller
  • Utility Knife
  • Quick Change Blade
  • Blade Storage for 3 Blades
  • Made of High Impact Plastic
  • 3 Wheel Profile choices
  • 4 Total Blades
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

All while being ergonomically designed to maximize your safety and efficiency.

And an added bonus: FLOORING! Yes, we have tested the PCA EZ Roller on carpet installations as well. It works just as beautifully on the floor as it does on the door.

Ez Roll
Ez Trim
Ez Blade Change
Ez Indestructible
Ez Storage
Ez Carpet
Ez Use
Ezroller Trifold Rev1 Email Page 2
Ezroller Trifold Rev1 Email Page 1

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