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I Willoughby // A-200

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IWilloughby // A-200

The open and classic design of the Willoughby screen door is another one of our most popular screen doors. It proffers a classic farmhouse look with a door that provides ample light and air flow. It also features no kick plate for a more open look.

PCA screen doors withstand an active lifestyle so you don't have to worry about the frame bending or the screen coming out even without a kick plate.

The Willoughby screen door is part of our Lakes Collection. To see other offerings in the collection, click here.



Door sizes:32" x 80" (standard)36" x 80" (standard)Custom Sizes Available
Kick plate options:No kick plate

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Remarkable screen door characteristics that make the willoughby standout from our competitors

I unique features

Heavy 3" Pushbar
Heavy 3" Pushbar

Heavy 3 inch Pushbar with reinforced side walls.

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Personalize Your Aluminum Screen Door With High Quality Options
I common features
Powder Coat Color Options
Attractive and Durable Powder Coated Finishes. Every PCA screen door is individually powder-coated by hand after assembly. This method ensures a beautiful, long lasting durable finish.
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Screen Mesh Options
Choose from 4 PCA screen door mesh options that best suits your lifestyle. Choices to consider may be based on if you have pets or perhaps you need more tightly woven screen to keep out very small insects.
Kickplate Hero
Kick Plate Options
Maintenance Free, Aluminum Kick Plates. Our heavy aluminum kick plates help to keep the dust and dirt out and add an element of design.PCA’s kick plate options range in size from 24" tall to 14", 12" or 8" which is the most popular choice, and our standard height.
Screen System
Self-locking Screen System
A screen system you can stand on! Family tested to hold 550lbs! The more you push on the screen, the tighter the system grips!
Hardware Kit
Universal Installation Kit
Everything needed to install your PCA Products screen door is included.
Heavy Frame
Heavy Aluminum Frame
Heavy Aluminum Frame. Will not rot, rust twist or splinter. Tested to Hold Over 800lbs! Will Not Rot, Twist or Splinter. A key part of the self-locking screen system, keeping the door straight and true through years of day to day use.
Corner Key
Corner Key
Aluminum Corner Key prevents door sag and strengthens the door for years of trouble free use.
I hardware options and upgrades
ADA Compliant EZ Pull Door Handle
ADA Compliant EZ Pull Door Handle

PCA's EZ-Pull handle is easy on your hands with a comfortable pull-style. It was designed with all rust free materials to provide years of trouble free operation. It locks on the inside for added security. It's a sleek design and it comes in every color to match your selection of screen doors.

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Albright In-swing Handle
Albright In-swing Handle

The Albright In-Swing Handle was designed specifically for in-swing installations. It offers an attractive design and includes a inside night lock.

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French Door Upgrade
French Door Upgrade

A french door kit for double screen doors that features an astragal component. This allows you to open both doors with no obstructions.

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Kephart  Deadlock Upgrade
Kephart Deadlock Upgrade

When you are looking to add additional security to your screen door the PCA Kephart Screen Door Deadlock is a supplemental dead-bolt that surface mounts on the screen door frame and features a key lock on the outside.

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Tasman Locking Handle Upgrade
Tasman Locking Handle Upgrade

The Tasman provides superior design by coupling a double key locking system along with a lever style handle that is fluid in operation. The Tasman can be locked from inside or out with a key.

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