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I Maintenance Free Aluminum kick plates

I PCA Kick plates – 4 size options to choose from

Choose from 8" (standard), 12", 14" or 24". Availability varies by door design. Please be sure to check the specific door model to see which size kick plate sizes are available.

By adding a screen porch kick plate or screen enclosure kick plate panel to your screen door you help keep dust and dirt out of porches and enclosures and add a design feature.

  • All of our screen doors come standard with an 8" kickplate (other sizes can be specified for no additional cost.)
  • Our screen doors can be ordered with or without a kickplate, or with any of the kickplate sizes you see here.
  • Some door designs are limited as to the height of the kickplate, such as our Gulf Breeze Collection, the maximum height of a kickplate on those designs would be the 14" kick plate.
  • Once you have chosen the door design that best compliments your home, call and speak to your local PCA dealer regarding kick plate heights available in the door design you have chosen.


Unlike other screen door manufacturers, PCA uses a hidden spline to hold the screen door kick plate in place eliminating rattle when the door closes.