Remarkable Screen Door Characteristics That Make Us Standout From Our Competitors

Screen Mesh Options

Screen Door Types

PCA screen doors come standard with high quality, fiberglass 18/14 Phifer Screen.

All PCA aluminum screen doors are pre-screened with extra strength 18/14 fiberglass screen mesh from Phifer Screen.

Four Screen Options To Choose From

Customize your screen door with mesh that fits your lifestyle. Phifer super screen 20/20 is a tighter mesh to keep out very small insects, while the Phifer 18/14 more open mesh allows more fresh air in. We even have stronger mesh that protects your door from pets. Choose the screen door type that works for your home:


  • STANDARD – Every PCA screen door comes standard with 18/14 extra strength screen material. You'll quickly notice the durability of our fiberglass 18/14 screen.

Heavy Duty Screen

  • HIGH TRAFFIC – Our Heavy Duty Screen is the strongest type of screen material available. You will want to specify this if you are concerned about high traffic causing damage to your screen door. Heavy Duty will hold up against tears and punctures for years to come.

Pet Screen

  • WHEN PETS ARE A CONCERN – Finally, a pet-proof screen door! It's the strongest, ideal solution for keeping your pets from running through your screen door or scratching the screen material. Phifer Pet Screens won't rust or stain and are seven times stronger than standard screening.

No-See-Um 20/20

  • NO-SEE-UMS – You will want to consider the 20/20 screen if you need to prevent no-see-ums and other tiny insects from coming inside. The 20/20 screen will still provide plenty of ventilation and light into your home.