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I Can I really order a custom size screen door?

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I Looking for a Custom Screen Door?

Pca A 500 2 Westmore
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We are frequently asked if we make custom sized screen doors. The answer is yes. It is important for you to understand minimums and maximums based on the door model of your choice, however. This blog post is meant to explain everything you need to know to be able to order YOUR PCA custom screen door.

I When You Need a Custom Screen Door

Matching Patio French Door

In some instances, you may have an odd opening, or you may be designing a patio and want an extra tall or wide door to align with your structure. All PCA screen doors can be ordered in a custom size with some exceptions. We have created a Door Series Sizing Information chart which depicts what sizes are available per model: notes an available size, (!) means it is available in the size but not recommended, (X) denotes the size is not available

Door Series Sizing Chart
Ensure a proper fit for your screen door using this chart

I How it Works

1. Measure your door opening.

We have created a document that shows you how to measure your door opening to ensure proper fit. Download the instructions here

2. Select your screen door model https://www.pcaproducts.com/sc...

3. Check the Door Series Sizing Information chart

Once you have measured your door opening, review the door series sizing information chart to ensure that you are selecting a model that meets your size requirements.

4. Check all the options available to you for customization (some of the following options are not available on all series)

Customizations* include:

* Make note of the options / customizations you wish to add to your screen door

I How to Visualize Your New Screen Door

We have created a design visualizer so you can explore your door design options (models, colors, sidelights, sunbursts, figurines, airbrush options, etc.) We have provided several exterior settings in the visualizer. Hopefully there is one that is close facsimile to your situation. Design your screen door here.

Screen Shot 2021 04 13 at 12 39 02 PM

I How to Place Your Order

Now that you know exactly what you are looking to purchase, the size you need and options you wish to add, go to the “where to buy” link on our website. Find the nearest dealer to you, give them a call or email them. They will be happy to answer all your questions and help you place your final order.

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