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“Lower-end screen doors are often flimsy and tricky to install. PCA’s custom doors are by far the best aluminum screen doors I’ve installed in the 25 years I’ve been in construction.”
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I PCA Products has the best screen door to install because of many quality differences

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    Zero Call Backs

    Every part of our doors are made from the highest quality materials we can find. From Heavy .065 aluminum wall mainframe to the adjustable wool pile bug sweep. Contractors and dealers report virtually zero call backs on our doors.
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    Handcrafted to Order

    Select from over 70 screen door styles and 5 colors designed to complement any home, each one custom built to your exact size and specifications. Browse our Collections or Overview page.
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    Custom Sizes and Adjustability

    We will hand build your door in custom widths and heights to accommodate nearly any size opening in both single and French Door configurations. Another important reason it is the best screen door to install; our doors are adjustable height and width up to 1" for door openings that are not exactly plum top to bottom.
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    Custom Options

    You have the freedom to choose the kick plate height, screening options and other specialty hardware to suit your needs. Learn more about the many accessories and options.
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    Pet Friendly

    PCA screen doors can be ordered with any one of three sizes of pet doors.
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    Exclusive Superior Strength:

    Our original and exclusive "Thru-Lock System" provides additional strength to our doors by doubling wall thickness at critical junctions. The frame alone withstands up to The result? The strongest aluminum screen door you’ll ever buy with a streamlined appearance.
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    Hand-painted decorative figurines

    Our skilled artisans make each figurine for our lines of decorative screen doors by hand. Decorative door accessories will be unique to your customer's home and feature a quality finish to withstand wear and tear. Browse our decorative options.
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    Powder coated by hand

    Our doors are individually powder-coated by hand after assembly, ensuring a beautiful long-lasting and durable finish.
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    Lifetime Warranty

    All custom PCA aluminum screen doors are backed by our Lifetime Warranty. We stand by our workmanship to ensure that you receive the highest quality aluminum screen products.

Learn even more about the PCA quality difference here.