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How to sell PCA Screen Doors – Superior quality and service can’t be mass produced.

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PCA Products is looking to partner with professionals who value custom, handcrafted building materials. As a PCA Preferred Partner, we are committed to working with you to enhance your business. We are confident that should you choose to work with us, we will exceed your expectations in providing you with excellent product quality and superior service.

Here are what a few of our partners have said:

“It's the best screen door company I have ever found. They are the greatest and easiest company to work with. We've been working with them since '08 or '09.”
Matt Courtney, Broadview Screen , .
“No call backs!”
Dan H., Sales Manager , .

How to sell PCA Screen Door Products and some of the top reasons to consider selling PCA Products

Product Quality

  • The strength of a storm door now in a screen door. Heavy .065 aluminum wall.
  • The best warranty available
  • The most durable, maintenance free screen door on the market today. Will not rot, rust, twist or splinter.
  • Screens withstand up to 500 lbs. of pressure
  • Zero call backs. No returns.


  • Exclusive innovative features:
    • Thru-lock system – doubles wall thickness
    • Self-locking screen system – screens won't blow out
    • Closure tube bracket for in-swing doors
    • Adjustable width and height
    • Reversible, can be hung left or right
    • Strong piano hinge
  • Not available in big box stores. We distribute through independent Lumber and Building Material dealers.
  • Family owned and operated for over 30 years and manufactured in the USA

Convenience and Less Inventory

  • Lower inventory – A single PCA screen door can be installed left or right hinge, in or out-swing.
  • All in one packaging – Door and installation hardware in one convenient package

Sales & Marketing Support

  • Tools and Training
  • Marketing materials customized to your market
  • Lead referrals in your respective area
  • Sales tools, including product displays for your showroom or in-home presentations, PCA brochures and sales fliers
  • Trade show materials
  • Exclusive access to PCA Partner version of the Build My Enclosure online tool
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Step-by-step installation instructions and how-to videos
  • Current pricing specials
  • Monthly updates on product and industry trends by region

Finally, a beautiful, durable, hand-crafted aluminum screen door and superior alternative to wood and vinyl.

Our goal is to provide with you the quality materials and curb appeal customers are looking for. And we’re proud to be the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of handcrafted screen door products that are so beautiful and durable, even the most discriminating homeowners love their quality and elegance. Additionally, the reversible and adjustable features make these custom screen doors easy to install.

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Why do we work directly with professionals?

PCA Products works directly with specialty wholesalers and contractors because we believe that superior quality and service can’t be mass produced. Big box retailers typically carry a larger inventory or mass produced products of inferior quality. By choosing PCA’s handcrafted, custom-made products from the start, your clients will receive high quality materials and comfort to last for decades.