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I Why Add French Doors to Your Pool Cages and Lanais

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I The Look of French Doors Adds Beauty, Convenience and Value

Homeowners don't often realize that they can have the very popular look of French screen doors on their pool cages and lanais. There are many reasons this is a great idea. In this article we are going to share just a few.

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I REASON NO. 1 – French Screen Doors Provide Convenience

Getting in and out of any living space - whether it be a pool, a family room, or a screened-in porch – is much more comfortable with a set of French screen doors. Moving furniture, carrying trays of picnic food, and of course bringing the outdoors inside, are all reasons why French screen doors will enhance your space year round. And, with PCA's astragal hardware, there is no center stile so you can have a completely unencumbered French screen door opening.

I REASON NO. 2 – Duplicate the Look of Interior Patio or Front Door French Doors

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French screen doors are a beautiful addition that many don't even think to do and, with 70 door styles to choose from, you can easily match your lanai, bird cage, or front door French screen doors to the interior doors and architecture. To see all the styles that PCA Products offers, check out our screen door catalog. In addition to 70 screen door designs, we offer 6 colors, and many accessories and hardware options.

PCA also offers you the option of designing the look of your French screen door using our visualizer.


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Now an Easy Way to Design Your Own French Screen Doors

I REASON NO. 3 – The Beauty of French Screen Doors Adds Value

When looking to make small changes to a home to differentiate it from other similar homes and elevate it from the ordinary, the simple addition of a French screen door on a pool cage or lanai is a choice worth considering.


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It's easy to design a new pool cage or lanai to include a French screen door. You can also retrofit an existing single screen door opening and modify it to be a French screen door, or add a second door opening in another location of your pool cage or lanai. To do this you or your contractor simply measure the space between the pool cage uprights and your doors can be custom made to fit the opening. It's an enhancement that adds curb appeal and therefore value to your home. And, the beauty and convenience are aspects you will enjoy for as long as you own your home.

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I Things to Look for When Selecting Your French Screen Doors

The screen doors on your pool cage or lanai (or anywhere on your home) are the most used part of the space. As such, they need to hold up well and withstand an active lifestyle. Here are some things to consider when selecting screen doors.

Make sure your French screen doors:

  1. Are Made of Heavy Duty Construction – We recommend .065 aluminum, so the doors do not rot, rust, twist or splinter.
  2. Have an Unobstructed Opening – We recommend astragal hardware, so there is no center post.
  3. Have Long-Lasting Parts – Powder coated parts will ensure low maintenance and no rust.
  4. Use Strong Screens That Won't Blow Out – PCA screen system features self-locking technology that withstands up to 550 lbs. of pressure.
  5. Provide a Warranty – Protect your investment by making sure your screen doors come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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We hope these ideas have been helpful, and you will consider adding a French screen door as your next home project.

For more information about French Screen Doors please visit PCAPRODUCTS.COM. To find a dealer near you, click here to enter our dealer locator.