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Every great PCA Products screen door installation deserves credit. Since we cannot publish every screen door that is submitted, here are a few tips to show off the last screen door you'll ever buy.

When you take your photos, be sure to show a variety of angles so everyone can appreciate why you are rightfully proud of the new addition to your home.

Show a close-up of your door

Show a close-up of your door

Angles that focus on the door will show off the features of the door and allow details to be seen more clearly.

Show The Full Scene

Show The Full Scene

It's great to see the entire scene of your new screen door - after all, that is the reason you chose a beautiful screen door.

Show Your Pets

Show Your Pets

If you have a pet door in your screen, let's see your "baby."

Be aware of your surroundings

I Be aware of your surroundings

A messy area, construction equipment, and similar situations do not show off your home and your beautiful new door. Be sure the area is cleaned up and the background is just as beautiful as your home.