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I How I Experienced Replacing A Screen Door, Fast!

Install In One Hour
Dennis's stop time, about 45 minutes to install.

I have been working with PCA Products for several years; I do their marketing. We have a condo in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, that we rent on Airbnb and sometimes I need really fast repairs. The talent for repairing things at the beach is often sketchy; I never know who I am going to get to fix things. Recently, my "builder grade" screen door broke -- again! These cheap screen doors are on all the screened-in porches at these condos. After hearing gushing reports about the high quality of PCA Products from dealers, homeowners, and even distributors, I now finally had a chance to see for myself.

I was able to find Dennis. He has a restaurant in downtown Rehoboth but he loves to fix things. I got his name from a trusted cleaning resource that I use. Interestingly, Dennis has an engineer's brain but refuses to read instructions. When I heard this I thought, "Well, THIS is going to be interesting!"

Dennis went to work pulling the screen door out of its packaging and inspecting the various parts and pieces; he appeared to be 'figuring it out'. Oh boy. I wanted to make this video into a proud piece for my clients, a boasting piece for them, but it wasn't looking very good.

Much to my surprise and delight, Dennis replaced the screen door and he was able to do it in under an hour!

Westmore Door Install
Westmore Door Installed in under one hour

I had to have the door approved by the condo association so I chose a classic design, actually one of PCA Products' most popular screen doors, the Westmore, also referred to as the A-500. It's in the Bungalow Collection, a fitting name as it has a clean, simple look that works well on many decor styles.

My agency developed a VISUALIZER tool for PCA customers. The visualizer makes designing your own door or screened in enclosure super easy AND it generates approval drawings. Here is what the VISUALIZER looks like online and the approval drawing I was able to create and submit which got me fast approval from my Homeowners Association.

Design Visualizer A-500 Screen Shot
Once in the design visualizer you can select home styles, door styles, colors and more!
Approval Drawing for the Westmore A-500
Approval drawings are generated by PCA's online Visualizer Program.

So, if you were wondering if you, or a newbie installer to PCA, could actually install the door in under an hour, I am here to attest to the claim. It's a beautiful thing for a bunch of reasons: one, it's a great looking door that will stand up to all the renter activity on my Airbnb and two, I WON'T HAVE TO REPLACE IT EVER AGAIN!!! Who can beat that?!

Cheap Builder Grade Screen Door
The cheap builder grade screen door that broke in many places, many times.
Door Frame Detail
Full Length Piano Hinge
A full length piano hinge ensures superior strength. Not all screen doors have this!
Adair's Screen Door Dimensions Sketch
My screen door dimensions.

Here is all I needed to order the screen door –– my beautiful sketch with a few simple dimensions noted. You can find directions on how to measure for your screen door by downloading this how-to-measure document.