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I Energy Efficiency of Aluminum Screen Door Manufacturing

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At PCA, We Practice What We Preach

It must be something that my dad taught me. Practicing what we preach is something we do in our community, in collaboration with our partners, and for the homeowners that entrust our aluminum screen doors in their homes.

Sustainability and responsibility is something we also preach and practice in the manufacturing and assembly of all of our custom and standard aluminum screen doors.

From choosing powder coat finishing for our screen door manufacturing, to helping homeowners and businesses keep their cooling costs down with a durable screen door- practicing what we preach also means a responsibility to our environment.

A Greener Screen Door Manufacturing Process

It is somewhat of a personal mission for PCA to be a green manufacturing company. Here is some of the ways we do that:

  • Updated our pre-treatment heating system to go from electric to natural gas. It is much more efficent to heat water with natural gas over electric, and reduced our energy consumption by 14% alone. .
  • Use powder coat finishing on the screen doors, hardware, and accessories instead of wet paint because it does not emit a harmful VOC into the air. Any waste is not considered hazardous material unlike wet based paints which require solvents to be used. They create an issue for the enviroment and there is no easy way to dispose of them.
  • Replaced 400w metal halide lights with new T5 high efficiency fluorescents in the shop and warehouse, cutting our energy consumption by 72% and increase our lighting capacity by over 10%. Win-win.
  • Installed a radiant floor heating system in new warehouse. This will reduce our energy consumption by 25% over the traditional electric or forced hot air systems used by many manufacturers. Plus we are reducing green house gases by as much as 60%.
Warehouse Radiant Floor Heating Installation
PCA Warehouse Radiant Floor Heatin.jpgPCA Warehouse Radiant Floor Heatin.jpg

Why should you care?

Other than evironmental stewardship? The win-win-win is in the cost savings benefit and state energy efficiency incentives . That helps us to keep our costs down and make our durable screen doors an affordable option to storm doors for suppliers, distributors and their customers.

Is assembled in the USA and a green product important to you? Check out the PCA screen door gallery, or build your own custom screen enclosure for your outdoor room or front door online. Then contact us to find an authorized PCA screen door dealer in your area.

Not a PCA dealer yet? Are you a contractor, supplier, distributor, architect, or even procurement specialist that sees the value of practicing what you preach? Learn more and contact us about becoming a PCA partner.