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I Do I Need an In-Swing Screen Door?

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I What is an in-swing door?

An in-swing door opens to the inside of the interior of a room versus a standard swing style screen door which opens to the outside of the house or business.

If the door swings forward and away from you towards the interior of the room you’re facing, it is an in-swing door. If you pull the door toward you and away from the interior of the room you’re facing, it is an out-swing door.

This is an example of in-swing french style screen doors.


In-swing french style screen doors

I When to install an In-Swing Screen Door

Some people don't realize that screen doors over outdoor steps, for instance, requires the door(s) to swing into the room or porch for safety reasons.

Most building departments work off the International Building Code (IBC) which require the screen door to swing in if there are 3 or more steps leading to the screen door unless there is a landing in place. By using a PCA in-swing screen door you do not need a landing. In cases where a contractor is installing a screen porch on an existing deck with no landing they must install an in-swing screen door to be in compliance.

Inswing Door At Top Of Stairs Palmetto Outdoor Spaces
Photo courtesy of Palmetto Outdoor Spaces

I How Does an In-Swing Door Affect Hardware Components?

AlbrAlbrightFor in-swing installations we've designed the Albright in-swing handle and interior closer tube bracket. This is very important, let us explain.

All PCA screen doors come standard with an EZ Pull handle, however, on an in-swing door you need to order an Albright In-Swing door handle made specifically for in-swing doors. The biggest difference is the lock placement. If a handle designed for out swing doors is used on an in-swing application the locking portion of the handle would be on the outside of the screen door.

Albright In-Swing Handle - Inside

Albright In-Swing Handle

The Albright In-Swing handle in white, viewed from inside.

Albright In-Swing Handle - Outside

PCA Albright In-Swing Handle

The Albright In-Swing handle shown from the outside.

Albright In-Swing Colors

Here are the features of the Albright in-swing handle:


Another exclusive PCA Products innovation is our in-swing closer tube bracket.

The in-swing closer bracket can be used with any closure tube and is available in five of our Powder Coated finishes. This bracket allows the pneumatic closer tube to be installed on the inside of the door. All PCA screen doors come with closer tubes, however, you will need to specify that you are installing an in-swing screen door and request the in-swing closure tube bracket. This will eliminate the closer tube from being seen on the outside of your home or business.

Also, by being installed on the inside of the screen door, the exclusive in-swing closer bracket keeps the closer tube out of the elements.

Albright In-Swing Closer Bracket

In-Swing Bracket and closer tube configuration for an In-Swing door.

Cse A500 001
Curb Appeal 1
A 500 T Inswing French
French Door Westmore, A-500, White Tuxedo, In-Swing

I Design Your In-Swing Screen Door

We have created a visualizer so you can design your own screen door entrance for your front door or patio. Select from over 70 styles of screen doors and 6 colors in single or French door configurations.

To design your new screen door, check out the PCA Products Design Visualizer.

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