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I Buck opening vs Tip-to-Tip

I How To Create the Buck (Rough) Opening for PCA Screen Doors

PCA screen doors differ from other standard screen doors in that you do not need to create an opening larger than the door size you order.

When contractors or DIY'ers see that our door is listed as 36" x 80", for instance, they often assume that the rough (buck) opening will need to be larger to accommodate that door. This is not the case with PCA screen doors, you do not need to create a larger opening. During manufacturing, PCA reduces the tip-to-tip (slab) size of the door slightly so when combined with the included adjustable installation kit (adjustable bug sweep and adjustable side expander) it will fit the buck opening exactly.

Keep in mind, PCA screen doors are also adjustable to 1" in height and to 1" in width. See the chart below showing example size adjustments.

So, your buck opening should be the same size as the door you order (32" x 80", 42" x 80", 36" x 80", etc.).

For more details about our unique door features check out this page.

Sizing Chart

In summary:

  • PCA doors are built to fit your rough opening exactly
  • Create your rough (buck) opening to the size of the door your order
  • PCA door tip-to-tip (slab) size is manufactured slightly smaller than the order size because with the installation kit elements in place it fits your opening exactly
  • All PCA screen doors come with an installation kit, everything you need to install the door

I Door Sizes Available

The following door sizing chart shows the sizes available for all of our door styles. It is organized by series. Once you find a door style you like, note the series (A P, Q, etc.), then check against this door sizing chart to make sure it is available in the size you desire.

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I Beautiful, Precise, Easy to Install

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For help with your door installation questions, please contact your nearest dealer. Use our dealer locator to see the dealer near you.