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Architectural Survey Reveals More Americans Want Outdoor Rooms or an outdoor patio

With the change in the real estate market, it seems that part of the rebound might be happening because more Americans are holding on to their homes and planning for the long term, rather than preparing to sell. That means they are looking for ways to enjoy their homes more. Perhaps this is more than just a 'staycation' trend?

The National Association of Realtors claims that more homeowners are "seeking more outdoor living spaces at home that can blend in with their indoor spaces too" citing a recent survey by the American Institute of Architects Home Design. An outdoor patio makes a great addition to any home.

The Home Trends post went on to say that outdoor living spaces are the new must-have for new homes or home renovations, replacing the 'great room' that many use for family gatherings and entertaining. Not surprisingly, homeowners want outdoor rooms that are long lasting and low maintenance. And a well built screened in patio is the choice many are making when considering all outdoor room choices available.

What does this all mean to a PCA Screen Door Supplier?

The most cost effective outdoor room is a screen room or screened outdoor patio, which requires a heavy duty aluminum screen door.

screen door companyUnfortunately, we see many home renovation businesses miss out on revenue simply because they are sending the homeowners away from their store to go somewhere else for the screen door for their outdoor room. Or worse, they have to offer a lower quality screen door (such and vinyl or wood) and then have unhappy customers.

What could be happening (for you?) is you gain customer loyalty for those that are already coming to you and asking about outdoor rooms and outdoor patio screen rooms by being able to give them what they want and what they didn't expect with a custom aluminum screen door to match their dream outdoor room, porch, patio or living space. What also could be happening is that you are found by new customers who want a quality outdoor room and screen door, but don't know where to turn for it locally.

Do not be one of the companies that don't realize the rising trend in outdoor rooms is an opportunity that is knocking on your door.

How can you make your customers happy?

Give them what they want. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a PCA Partner. (Hint: it is about much more than the highest quality screen door.)

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