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I Are Storm Doors Your Only Option?

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The Perception: Why People Don’t Buy Screen Doors

A durable screen door is attractive and holds up to everyday useHomeowners obviously do not want to invest their money in that, so they go to their next option: a storm door. They do this even though they do not want to spend the money that many storm doors command.We all know what comes to mind when we think of typical screen doors: cheap and flimsy, with its screen blown out, flapping in the breeze. Not very appealing, is it?

The fact is, most homeowners don’t need storm doors. A storm door protects a home from wet weather while letting in natural light. But most modern architecture lends itself to numerous windows, so they already have enough natural light. Additionally, most homes now have an overhang or porch covering both entrances, making a storm door unnecessary.

It is understandable that contractors do not want to offer a product that will not hold up to regular use. Many screen doors will warp and deteriorate, fall off their hinges and have numerous screen blow outs, causing homeowners to assume the door was not properly installed.

This outlook of screen doors continues right up the ladder – all the way to the suppliers. If contractors do not want to install screen doors, then suppliers that sell to contractors will not stock them – simple.

The Truth About Quality Screen Doors

Quality screen doors are a durable alternative to storm doorsThe fact is, there is a screen door on the market that fills the gap between cheap screen doors and storm doors.

Homeowners can enjoy quality screen doors that hold up to everyday use. They can even choose a decorative screen door with a distinctive design that adds curb appeal.

Contractors who want to eliminate call-backs can offer a durable screen door that has a durable, powder coated finish, sturdy aluminum frame, continuous piano hinge and self locking spline.

Suppliers can offer to their customers a product not sold to Big Box stores, and develop a needed niche in their market.