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Video Overview
PCA Screen Door Install Overview

Here is a brief overview of what's involved in the installation of a PCA Products Handcrafted Aluminum Screen Door...

Video Kickplate
How To Replace a Kickplate

Do you have a damaged kickplate? We can show you how easy it is to replace it!...

Hangon Video
PCA Hang On Door

PCA Products, Hancrafted Aluminum Screen Doors. Are they really that tuff? Let's see how many people can hang on one!...

Custom Video
Custom Aluminum Screen Doors

Handcrafted custom aluminum screen doors in both single and double entry. Use for new or in remodeling projects....

Thrulock Video
Our Exclusive Thru-Lock System In Action!

What makes PCA screen doors so durable? Our exclusive "Thru-Lock System" gives every door additional strength by doubling wall thickness at critical junctions while maintaining a streamlined appearanc...