Never Replace A Commercial Screen Door Again

Commercial Screen Doors

Powder Coated To Be Virtually Maintenance Free!

Never Replace Or Repair Your Commercial Screen Door Again.

Never Replace Or Repair Your Commercial Screen Door Again.

Commercial spaces require a special level of durability while allowing the maximum amount of fresh air and light into a space. PCA heavy duty aluminum screen doors are custom built in the USA and are hand crafted to withstand 770 pounds of pressure on the frame and 550 pounds of pressure on the screen. This makes them the perfect commercial screen door for any situation. And, a feature business owners particularly value is the hand applied powder coating, ensuring the screen doors are virtually maintenance free. Our lifetime limited warranty guarantees it!

    Handcart abuse, high winds, constant use

    Commercial Screen Doors That Hold Up to Real Life

    Commercial screen doors are opened and closed much more often than a door in any person's home. Pushed open with handcarts when deliveries are made can wreak havoc on the screen mesh and frame. PCA commercial screen doors are built with a self-locking screen system that can withstand this daily use in your building.

    Have you ever had a screen door ripped off your building in a storm with high winds? The PCA Piano Hinge keeps commercial screen doors in place with extra stability.


    Every day wear and tear is no challenge for PCA commercial screen doors. See this blog post for more details.

      Only an hour is needed

      Installation is a Cinch

      With detailed instructions and everything included in the box, your new commercial screen door can be installed in under an hour. Your business needs to be efficient, and that holds true for the screen door on your building.


      Check out this blog post to witness an installation.

      Concerned about Unauthorized Entry?

      When your door is open to allow fresh air and sunshine in the building, but your employees are not in the room with the door, how do you control access? With a lock, of course! PCA offers a variety of options to create commercial security screens.

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