Do you need security screen doors, screens for french doors, or a pet screen door?

"It depends" is the standard answer when anyone is trying to compare one thing over the other. Most of the time, they are trying to compare apples to oranges. So what you choose to put on your home (or in your store) is going to depend on a number of factors.

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Here are the most common things to consider when trying to decide between a screen door or a storm door:

When a (Quality) Screen Door is a Better Option for Your Home

  • if your front door is wood. A storm door will cause condenseation that will not only rot the storm door, but also your wooden door and casing. A storm door will be more of a problem than a solution.
  • if you live in an upscale community. Most storm doors are not allowed by the home owners association (HOA) because they are 'cheap' looking.
  • if you have side-glass on the sides of the door. The wooden frame around the door itself is not likely to be deep enough, so an additional frame will need to be installed.

Screen Door Problems to be Aware of

Most homeowners consider screen doors at the flimsy wood ones that they have to replace every year. So none of this are likely to be a surprise:

  • The wind slams the door, breaking the hinges.
  • The door rots or rusts.
  • The screen gets pushed out, ripped, or frays.
  • Pets and children destroy the screen and the door!
  • Its sags, and lets the bugs in.

Common screen door repairs you can avoid, reduce, or eliminate entirely.

When a Storm Door is a Better Option for Your Home

  • If you live in very cold climates and need the extra year round barrier.
  • If you have a less-than-efficient fiberglass door and need the added efficiency.

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