Why is screen type so important for a quality aluminum screen door?

There are many different types of screen options and differences in the material from one screen door manufacturer to another. You could have the best screen door frame, but if the screen material quality doesn't meet the same standards, you will find yourself frustrated by ripped and frayed screens needing repair, or even a replacement screen door.

Do not fall into the "impulse buy" trap, when choosing your screen door and be stuck with the added expense of these possible ongoing repairs. By being an informed screen door consumer, you can make an educated choice for the best screen door for your application.

A few things to know about screen material:

  • Aluminum screen material oxidizies and dents very easily. Usually you can get limited mesh size options. So much for a bug-free screen door.
  • Figerglass screen can be installed very tight and is strong, but it depends on the manufacturer and mesh used. It is available in a variety of mesh sizes: 18/14 standard mesh, 20/20 fine mesh (bug screen) to keep out nats, and pet screen which is very strong and can stop a rotweiler.
To cut costs some manufactures use a fiberglass 18/16 window screen material which is substantially weaker than the Phifer 18/14 Pool and Patio Mesh. (Phifer screen material was designed to provide years of use even in South Florida which has intense sun and harsh salt air).

How important is the screen system?

While there are many options for screen door material, there are not as many options for ways to connect the screen to the screen door frame. It is very important to consider the screen door's connection method used to attach the screen to the door frame.

  • Some screen door companies use staples which are not strong and it is a pain to replace the screen. Typically you would lay the screen on the frame, place a strip over the screen and then staple thru the strip to secure. If you have to replace the screen you have a project on your hands!
  • Round spline is another method used. Easier to install than staples but it is weak because as you put pressure on the screen the round spline simply “rolls out” of the track and your screen blows out.
  • Self locking screen system allows the screen to be easily rolled in to the door frame, is very strong (can hold 3 grown men) and it is a snap to replace. Simply pull the spline out, remove defective screen, lay new screen over door and re-roll the spline into the door. Most cases the spline can be re-used which is another benefit.

A self locking system is the best connection system for a screen door because the more pressure you apply to the screen the tighter the spline gets, like the Chinese finger pulls.

best method for attaching screens to a screen door

The screen door system you use (System = Screen material + Connection method to the screen door)is crucial to a quality product that will last. After all, what good is pet screen door in a wood or vinyl door?

What is going to happen every time your dog (or kids) hits the pet screen and the staples come loose or the round spline rolls out? What good is window screen material if it won't hold up and will tear, and has to be replaced often?

Are you considering an outdoor room, outdoor patio enclosure, or exterior french doors?

The screen door system you choose is even more important when you consider screens for outdoor rooms, patio room enclosures, or exterior french doors.

Shouldn't the screen door, which sees most of the wear, tear, and activity of the screened enclosure, be as, or more so, strong as the aluminum screen porch framing system itself?

Why would you choose a screen door system that will require more maintenance than the outdoor room itself? Especially if you are looking to create that outdoor room staycation spot. No one wants to spend their free time (or money!) on screen door repairs.

Ask your home center or contractor if they carry PCA screen doors and products. If they don't, let us know. We will make sure you get the highest quality screen doors, assembled right here in Sevierville, TN!

Or if you are just starting to think about your outdoor screened room or enclosure, start daydreaming now with our online Build Your Own Enclosure tool.

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