Warmer Weather, Early Spring, Bug Screen is Now the Thing

bug mesh screen doorsThere are a few people out there who find bugs and insects beautiful specimens.

And then there are those who walk into to nearest hardware store and look for the most poisonous can of bug killer at the first sight of any insect.

If you happen to see someone standing in the aisle unable to choose between insect killers, you might want to ask them:

Are you looking for a different alternative to have a bug free home?

A Custom Aluminum Screen Door with Bug Mesh

Bug mesh, like the Phifer 20/20, should be able to keep out everything from no-see ums to dangerous yellow jackets and hornets.

But it is not just about the mesh of the screen for your door or enclosure, it is also important to remember the structure of the screen system you choose.

Additional screen door flaws that let bugs in:

  • Sagging doors that open gaps for the bugs to come right through.
  • Rubber stops and dry and rot, leaving gaps at the bottom of the doors.
  • Ripped screens from pets jumping on them!
  • Screens that 'pop-out' of their frame.

As a homeowner, you can have the durabilty, style, and bug mesh screen you need to enjoy the fresh air and view, while staying bug-free without pesticides and poisons. We will help you find a quality screen door contractor or supplier in your area!

How can you determine the real quality of a bug-free screen door for your home? Ask your local store or supplier about these specific points as you look at the demos of the doors they sell or stock.

For local and regional suppliers, distributors and even contractors, the early warming season is an opportunity to jumpstart your busy season. Check out some of the latest tools available for PCA Preferred Partners.

Are you already a PCA Preferred Partner? Contact us to order the latest screen door display demos for your early season. Educate your consumers that know value when they see, touch, and even build their own custom screen enclosure!