We are grateful to have such wonderful customers!

Our Customers Stories

“Thanks soo much for fast response to my inquiry-as well as your patience as you explained the measurements needed. What a pleasant surprise to encounter a 1st class "larger company" with "small town/neighborly" customer service! P.S. I've had quite a few complements on the size & the quality of the door! Sincerely, Warren S, Heflin AL”

Warren S, Homeowner.

“This message is to share what an amazingly kind and VERY helpful person Lisa is! She not only went above and beyond, she made us feel like she truly cared to help us. Hats off to her fantastic customer service! We appreciate her!”

The Damerow's from Marco Island, FL.

“Lower-end screen doors are often flimsy and tricky to install. PCA’s custom doors are by far the best aluminum screen doors I’ve installed in the 25 years I’ve been in construction. They fit any style home and are adjustable to any door frame. I recommend PCA doors to anyone looking for a unique, high-quality screen product for their home.”

PCA Professional Contractor.

“I just wanted to thank you for sending me the bracket for my door after our discussion on the phone. It was exactly what I needed and I'm sure saved me considerable time in finding the part from one of the dealers you provided. You certainly went above and beyond what most manufacturers would do for a consumer calling in! Thanks again!”


“It's the best screen door company I have ever found. They are the greatest and easiest company to work with. We've been working with them since '08 or '09.”

Matt Courtney, Broadview Screen.

“Enclosed are two pictures of your screen door on our porch. It looks nice, of course. But, what's more important to us is the strong lock, the powerfully strong construction, and unforgiving screen----all to protect us from persons bent on doing harm. The outside rounded handle----when one balances an armful of lawn tools, makes it easier to open the door. We especially like having an American made product which will also increase the value of our home. Thank you for a superior product.”

Tom S., Homeowner.

“I am extremely pleased with the quality, design, and appearance of the entire PCA screen door line. The design application and installation flexibility was appreciated. My son has just completed a large screen porch and deck and agrees that a PCA aluminum door is far superior to the all too flimsy wood and vinyl doors normally available for porches. At my suggestion, he has ordered a PCA for his porch. We both agree that the PCA door is just the type of product that matches the significant investment one has to make in a quality porch design. The PCA door adds a significant quality to the porch.”

Dick Schoeller, Homeowner.

“I finally found a screen that won't blow out! It's the sturdiest screen door I've ever found.”

M. Hanson, Homeowner.

“I have kids and pets and so our screen door gets lots of use. I used to replace the screens in my doors every year. I found PCA and saw you could stand a family of four on the screen. That sold me!”

Homeowner .

“Got our 4 screen doors in through Marvin Bylers doors. Got to tell you that they are amazing! Great doors and easy to install. Thanks for an awesome product!”

Jim Marti.

“I finished on the door yesterday and the customer loves it. It is a well-constructed screen door that has no competition from the big box stores. With your instructions, it went together as a plan should. Thank you again.”

Larry Bledsoe.

“Service with PCA is fantastic! You can’t find a better company!”

Dan Hall, Madden Manufacturing.

“I've sold 15 other screen doors over the years. This quality, strong reinforced corners and piano hinge make it the best. No call backs which is the number one issue with screen doors.”

Dan H., Sales Manager.

“This is the only door we now stock. If our homeowner customer wants another door, we send them to go find something better and they always come back and say, 'there isn't anything better out there.'”

Dan H., Sales Manager.

“People don't realize there is a heavy duty [screen] door out there. They find with the PCA door that it doesn't get flimsy and rattle, it keeps the bugs out, closes tight and stays closed!”

Kevin K, President, Building Supply Company.

“Don, I just wanted to send you a quick email. I cannot tell you how happy we are with your products and services. You have been a great asset to our company. You are very attentive, even when we forget. Your pricing is fair and provides great discounts. We love your product and it fits perfectly in our manufactured rooms. We have not had one problem with installation and product. I rarely work with companies that are this organized in your sales, production, and shipping. Every sale, although we just started, has been handled professionally and promptly. Thank you for your efforts and look forward to long-lasting relationship with PCA products.”

Anne Tucker, DK Home Products.

“It's the greatest screen I've ever found – It's the greatest & easiest company to work with. We've been working with them since 2008.”

M. Courtney .

“They are one of the best company's we deal with. They do what they say they'll do. Their screen doors always deliver on time. ”

K. Kunowsky.